We employ about 900 people, who have expertise in many different fields, including geography, mathematics, information science, geographic information systems and technology, nautical science, physics, law and property management. We mainly work on a project basis and usually in a multidisciplinary team.

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International work

We cover geographic information and public property information needs within Norway and are the national land registration body. We also carry out extensive work internationally, particularly within the area of property rights and development. Read more about our international involvement here.

Employee benefits

Our employees receive good professional development opportunities through generous scholarship schemes and a commitment to further training and courses. We can offer flexible working hours with shorter working days in the summer and a particularly good, specialist work environment.

Offices throughout the country

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has its head office in Hønefoss, and we have ten county mapping offices, which work closely with local authorities and county government departments throughout the country regarding shared infrastructure for mapping information within Norway. We also have a hydrographic service in Stavanger, a customer centre in Ullensvang, Hardanger, and a geodetic observatory in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

Four about working at Kartverket


Employee outside the Norwegian Mapping Authority

Ola Høydal: - Bottled up on rights in real estate

Works as: Legal practitioner in legal services and land registry
Education: Masters of law
Employed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority: Since 2014

My job at the Norwegian Mapping Authority has presented me with the opportunity to work on issues regarding real estate. I grew up on a farm, and am basically bottled up on rights regarding real estate. Legal services assists the entire Norwegian Mapping Authority, and I get to work with many jurisdictions.



Employee at the Norwegian Mapping Authority holding a laptop and smilingMari Halvorsen: - Interesting and fun

Works as: Chief Engineer in the IT department
Education: Masters degree in informatics
Employed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority: Since 2013 

The Norwegian Mapping Authority gives me the opportunity to work within an interesting field and a lot of different projects. I still feel like I am learning something new regularly and it makes going to work fun.




Employee at the Norwegian Mapping Authority working at desk

Aksel Voldsund: - I contribute to value creation

Works as: Group leader of the oceanography group at the Norwegian Hydrographic Service
Education: Masters degree in physical oceanography
Employed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority: Since 2011

I look forward to going to work every day. The job is very versatile, and I get to use my expertise. Meanwhile, I meet many and new challenges every day. There is a high demand for sea level data. I contribute to value creation and I find it very exiting that we get so much feedback on what we do.



Employee at the Norwegian Mapping Authority working at desk

Karoline Skår: - My first job after graduating

Works in: Positioning services and reference frames  at the Geodetic Institute
Education: Engineer in geomatics
Employed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority: Since 2015

Although I have graduated, I do not feel fully trained. The learning curve has been sky high! The Mapping Authority has an excellent reputation amongst students.  I get to work in the same division as many of the professors from my studies! I feel that my colleagues show me confidence and trust in my knowledge.