The Geodetic Institute is responsible for national geodetic information on which all positioning, measuring, mapping and earth observation is based.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority also helps to provide a uniform global reference frame by way of initiatives such as the geodetic observatory at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard. The observatory supplies data that helps to monitor post-glacial rebound, changes in sea levels, currents and the Earth’s mass balance.

The Institute is based at the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s headquarters in Hønefoss. 

Reference frame

The Institute also measures and establishes a national reference frame for coordinates, geoid reference, height reference and post-glacial rebound.

Positioning services

The Geodetic Institute operates a nationwide system of accurate, satellite-based GNSS positioning. The positioning services can determine a position down to the centimetre (Cpos) and are useful in areas such as the construction industry in order to accurately define where to excavate. These services are also useful in determining property boundaries.

Earth observatory

The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s geodetic observatory at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard plays a key role in work on reference frames and global collaboration on monitoring the planet. Data from the observatory is also important in regard to monitoring changes in sea levels arising from climate change.