The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides international services through the following activities:

  • Coordinating participation in international activities, fora and organisations. Read about our participation in international activities here;
  • Assisting in the implementation of Norwegian foreign aid through projects related to mapping, property registration and capacity building

Implementation of foreign aid

The main themes of our projects are:

  • First registration of property rights

In the vast majority of developing countries, only the rich elite can afford to register fixed property, secure their property rights and use the property as security for a mortgage. Many poor countries are also in desperate need of better maps for planning, expansion and emergency response.

In the past decade, the Norwegian Mapping Authority has been strongly committed to establishing property registers and geographical information in former socialist republics in Southern and Eastern Europe, particularly in regard to restoring private property rights.

  • Cadastral surveying and mapping 

The Norwegian Mapping Authority is also involved in projects to assist developing countries in improving geographical information, maps and other services that can be used in planning, facilitating economic growth, prevention of criminal activity and combating environmental problems.

  • Depth and sea measurement, international marine safety

Norway is committed to improving marine safety worldwide. The Norwegian Mapping Authority works with developing countries to build and strengthen the nautical charts for these countries in cases where Norwegian assistance is relevant. Among other things, Norway has helped to build up nautical charting in Mozambique.

  • Mapping of areas vulnerable to natural disasters 
  • Distribution of geographical data to users and stakeholders


Norway is a rich country. This inspires us to perceive our role in relation to aid in a broader perspective, based on socio-ethical responsibility. The Norwegian Mapping Authority should play an active role in regard to relief for poverty-stricken countries, with priorities and frameworks established in a dialogue with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority participates in projects financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) on a project basis. The funds are transferred to the Norwegian Mapping Authority, which enters into contracts with various suppliers. 

We participate in ongoing projects in several countries. See our complete list of ongoing projects.

How we work

In the implementation of projects we work closely with the beneficiary institutions. Depending on the funding mechanism, we can do the supervision, make procurements and provide quality control. We can also provide technical assistance, but goods and consulting services are generally procured from the private sector through local or international tenders.

Since 2005, the Norwegian Mapping Authority has had a dedicated unit for aid, the International Services Section. Expertise from other parts of the Norwegian Mapping Authority are brought in as required.