• €2.8 billion in EEA and Norway Grants funding is available from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reduce economic and social disparities and strengthen cooperation with 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics for the period 2014-2021.
  • The most heavily weighted priority sectors are Innovation, Research, Education and Competitiveness; Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy; and Justice and Home Affairs
  • Within those priority sectors, programme areas which are relevant for us as a project partner are: Business development, innovation and SMEs; Environment and Ecosystems; Climate change mitigation and adaptation; and disaster prevention and preparedness.
  • Cross-cutting issues are good governance, sustainable development and gender equality
  • Regional funds are available to promote regional cooperation between bordering countries to solve challenges in Europe that can be tackled through cross-border efforts

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published information about Norwegian support for EEA Grant-funded projects here, or you can read a short summary flyer. We also recommend that you check http://eeagrants.org/ for more country-specific details.

EEA Grants strengthen bilateral relations

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published an evaluation of the bilateral cooperation in EEA Grant-funded projects. It has concluded that EEA Grant funds are an effective tool to strengthen bonds and contacts between Norway and grant recipient countries.

Strengthening bilateral relations is a main objective of the Grants. As Project Partner for several EEA Grant-funded projects, we have experienced the valuable effect that bilateral relations with our fellow project partners from Iceland and also from the grant recipient country partners have on the projects we are involved in.

Read the report which has been published on The Ministry's website.