The LAKI II project approved for EEA funding 2009 -2014 focused on production of maps and photomaps, as well as on establishment of detailed terrain model using laser scanning, for about 50 000 km2. This project (LAKI III) will focus on preparation of a digital terrain model for larger parts of Romania related to prevention and mitigation of floods. Due to limited financial resources NACLR does not have a digital terrain model of high/average precision, required to achieve cartography, topography, geodesy, photogrammetry and remote sensing in the entire country.

The overall objective is to enhance the capacity of NACRL to prepare geographic information needed for environmental monitoring and reporting, for dealing with effects of climate change, for integrated planning and for implementation of the EU Directive on harmonization and exchange of geographic information domestically and across national borders. New data for significant parts of the country will be produced, including environmentally sensitive areas and flood risk areas. The project will improve public access to geographic data via Internet, inter alia, to support the implementation of development and environmental policies.


  1. Preparation of Digital Terrain Model for climate related disaster preparedness and mitigation  through Laser scanning of 50000
  2. Procurement of  a solution for safe storage and efficient distribution of terrain data;
  3. Publicity campaign and activities to strengthen the bilateral co-operation;
  4. Capacity building, transfer of knowledge and training