The table quantities shows positions for mobile units in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea north of 55° N and east of 05° W. During moves/relocation all the rig's height are approximately 120 meters above the sea surface.

Download the rig list with positions for mobile platforms and flotels in Norwegian Waters (pdf)

Rig list in KLM format (118 kb)

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500 metre Safety Zones

Safety zones will normally extend to a distance of 500 metres around all installations, measured from their outer edges. For some installations safety zone is extended to a distance of 500 metres, measured from the risers touchdown positions.

No vessel, including eventual fishing gear, should enter an established safety zone unless so permitted by the Offshore Installation Manager, is dealing with an emergency or is, itself, in difficulties or distress.

Traffic monitoring – Equinor Operation Centre – Safepath MTC

Equinor Operation Centre and Safepath MTC monitors the waters around oil fields/platforms. Vessels having course against a installation safety zone is asked to report to Equinor Operation Centre or Safepath MTC 60 minutes (TCPA) from the installation on VHF field channel and state the name and call sign. Due to ongoing maritime operations and the objective of safe navigation may lead to request of course change.

Equinor Operation VTS can be reached as follows: Tel. (+47) 55 14 32 78 and e-mail

Safepath MTC can be reached as follows: Tel. (+47) 48 14 86 67 and e-mail

Anchors and anchor chains/-wires

Anchors and anchor chains/-wires can be deployed up to 2500m from drilling/production platforms/ flotels and oil export loading buoys. Mariners are advised to exercise particular caution. For detailed anchor pattern information, contact with platform and/or stand-by vessel on VHF channel 16 is recommended.

Temporarily abandoned well heads

Oils wells may be temporarily abandoned by the rig operators. A "guide base" will be left on the sea floor to ease re-attachment at a later time. A 20" pipeline will extend 10–15 feet above the seafloor. Fishermen are advised to stay clear of temporarily abandoned well heads. Information on temporarily abandoned well heads is published in the Efs, the Norwegian NM.

Seismic Surveys

Seismic surveys are carried out all over the Norwegian continental shelf. In seismic surveys, vessels should have a fishery expert on board. The vessels leading prescribed signals can have up to several thousand meters of cables trailing behind him. All vessels should keep well away by the passage of seismic vessels.

Reported forthcoming seismic surveys are published in the Efs.

Information about seismic surveys can be found at Norwegian Petroleum Directorate,