The datasets are intended as a base for spatial planning and administration within the municipality, statistics and analysis of the current state of accessibility. Additionally, it can provide a tool for end-users such as organisations and other stakeholders to retrieve information on accessibility and potential barriers preventing access.

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A national map server for geographic information on universal design and accessibility is available through the portal Norgeskart. The site contains information on the status of accessibility in both populated and recreational areas.

New data is continuously added to the map server.

Click the map view to enter Norgeskart

Skjermdump fra Norgeskart

Select your preferred language and background map through the hamburger menu on the left.

Choose "Availability". In the sub menu you can choose which accessibility data you wish to view. The colour of the symbols shows the accessibility evaluation of each datapoint:

Green = accessible ("Tilgjengelig")
Yellow = restricted accessibility ("Delvis tilgjengelig")
Red = not accessible ("Ikke tilgjengelig")
Blue = not evaluated ("Ikke vurdert")


Skjermdump fra Norgeskart. Viser tilgjengelighetsdata og en faktaboks om et valgt objekt.

Click the symbols for more detailed information about each registered object.

Download datasets or use a web service

Utilize our data on accessibility and universal design in your GIS-system by using a WMS (Web Map Service), WFS (Web Feature Service) or downloading the datasets from Geonorge:

Accessibility - recreational areas.

Accessibility - populated areas.